Every Traum Safe is individually manufactured with technologically advanced armor plates. There is no assembly line. Then they are meticulously lacquered and hand polished. Next, our Swiss workshop works on the legendary wood interior that Traum is so famous for. In our artisans' expert hands the woods are veneered, bleached, stained, oil rubbed, waxed and refined to give you the perfect interior. The leather trays are then beautifully designed and precisely handcrafted to provide the best home and display for each piece in your collection. Our workshop has a heritage dating from the 19th century when they embroidered cases for young ladies!

All of this comes together to create your perfect safe.



Our safes are exquisitely finished to fit into every type of decor. We offer an extensive selection of shades for the exterior lacquer. Equally impressive is the selection of woods and eco-friendly materials for the interior. We can match finishes supplied to us by you, our client, and your designer. We also build custom cabinetry to convert your safe into a fine piece of furniture, from Biedermeier to Chinese parchment to leather trunks.

Our complimentary design services, led by our experienced team, will assist you

to select just the right finishes for your bespoke Traum Safe.



We specialize in working with architects and designers to integrate your safe seamlessly within the design requirements of your home. Over the last two decades, we have built relationships with top architects and designers all over the world.


We invite the trade to contact us to obtain technical AutoCAD designs of our safes for their residential projects. Since we are custom manufacturers, we are able to build safes to fit into any space.



Sustainability is central to all of our manufacturing and finishing processes. From using a water-based lacquering procedure that prevents toxic solvents from being released into the atmosphere, to handcrafting woods that have been cut to the highest international standards for sustainability, we try to use the most ethical practices in every aspect of our business. We use recycled materials instead of virgin leather for our interiors, thereby eliminating the needless, inhumane killing of animals. The material we use is reproducible, allowing us to make you new trays years after your safe purchase in the exact same shade, and you can even wipe off any marks with a damp sponge without risk of damaging the leather.

We recognize the tremendous strain our planet faces and we endeavor to be a part of the solution, not the problem. We strive to be a company that leads with both our actions and our words.