At Traum, we offer you luxury solutions rather than products. Our expert consultants will talk with you and apply decades of experience to recommend the best jewelry or watch safe for your specific needs.

We have several safe models featuring various levels of security. Selecting the right safe for your needs depends on the value you are securing, your lifestyle and the current security of your home. For example, to secure a valuable ring in a luxury doorman building in New York City you may need a Metropolitan safe, but the same ring in an estate in Dallas may require a Legacy or Heirloom safe.

Buying the right Traum Safe is easy! All you do is contact us, the rest is simple. We will design and install your perfect safe.


For significant assets, we highly recommend this extraordinary safe.


Outer beauty, inner strength.


With its unique design, the Cosmopolitan is the perfect solution for tight spaces.


Elegant, convenient & stylish, the Metropolitan is a popular model. 


All of our safe models can be custom built as a luxury watch safe to suit every collector.

From the weekend watch enthusiast to the serious watch connoisseur, we have the ultimate Traum Safe for you.

Our advanced automatic watch winder technology will keep your watches wound & ready at a moment's notice.