ABC Nightline | "Stashing Your Cash"

The president of Traum Safe speaks to ABC - Nightline about the importance of a high security safe at home to keep jewelry, watches, documents and other valuables. Traum Safe is featured in the first 90 seconds of the news clip.

Traum Safe specializes in high security. custom, luxury safes for the home. Traum is the first company to incorporate bank level security in residential safes. Traum Safes feature custom jewelry and watch interiors for the convenience of their customers. A Traum Safe is the most elegant and luxurious safe in the world. Traum Safe is legendary for their superior service and offer discreet in-home installation of their safes worldwide. Is this you?

An awkward safe box at home, impossible to access or open? Significant jewelry stuffed into a bank locker, rarely seen or used ? Treasured pieces in pouches and bags, scattered everywhere , all over the house?

If this is you, then Traum Safe is the perfect solution!

A Traum Safe is a Swiss Vault in the privacy of your dressing room. Customize your safe perfectly in your own jewelry collection.


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