THRILLEST | "10 Ridiculously Baller Safes to Guard Your Precious Treasure"

Everyone has their own tried-and-true methods when it comes to safeguarding valuables. Some rent bank vault drawers to protect important documents, others hide jewelry under their mattress, and then there are the paranoid Ron Swansons of the world who prefer to bury their surfeit of gold underground.

But for members of the 1%, securing their invaluable collection of dinosaur eggs, impressionist masterpieces, and limited edition Beanie Babies is serious business. To give you an idea, here are 10 of the most unique and luxurious home safes in the world.


7. Traum Safe

Price: On Request

Another Swiss bank-caliber option, the Heirloom features a patented dual electronic locking system. Plus, it's built using a multilayer armor which, despite being only three inches thick, provides a higher defense than two feet of conventional bank vault construction, begging the question: what the hell are you doing, banks?

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