TREND HUNTER | "Traum Even Makes Walk-In Safes"

For the person who has everything? A gold-plated safe to put it in. Traum makes ready-to-install safes in three different designs from high end materials. If you need a special safe, or even a special walk-in vault, they can do it. Whatever you can dream of, after all, that is what Traum means in German.

"Traum Safes are built for your peace of mind and pleasure with thoughtful details. Our advanced safes will keep the world out but let you in with ease,” Traum says.

The “Hallmark of Traum Safe is your custom interior that we design and individually build to suit your collection.

“User guided electronic locks permit you to put valuables away in less than a minute, interior lighting lets you instantly see inside and custom designed drawers ensure that everything has its own convenient place.”

Word has it that every safe is sold with a golden fist with the middle finger extended."

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