BORN RICH | "Traum Heirloom Safe Safeguards Your Pricey Belongings"

Are you looking for a stylish, high-security safe to store your million dollar phones and other expensive belongings? This is where the Traum Heirloom Safe comes to the rescue. Priced at a whopping $180,000, the Traum Heirloom Safe is a work of art in itself. It is attractive enough to blend in with the most tasteful surroundings. The safe boasts Swiss bank security and strong Relastan armoring that makes this safe stronger than the usual bank vaults. The patented digital dual electronic locking system makes sure that your expensive stuff is always safe and sound. They even customize the interior lighting and drawers to suit your liking. Attention has been paid to every detail, from exterior lacquer finish to the placement of the lock.

Moreover, the Traum Heirloom can be connected to your existing security system. The Traum Heirloom Safe is dedicated to meet your individual requirements, proficiently and discreetly.


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