Traum Safe Has Re-Opened its Doors at 809 Madison Avenue

We are proud to announce that we have re-opened our luxury showroom at 809 Madison Avenue, on the east side between 67th & 68th streets. We have been located on Madison Avenue for over 20 years, and we are excited to continue our journey at our beautiful new store.

Previous to our current 809 Madison address, we were located at 1078 Madison between 81st & 82nd streets and before that at 946 Madison between 74th & 75th street. Sheela Murthy, Founder and current Principal of Traum, comments, "We have a long-standing relationship and commitment with this world-renowned Avenue. Our clients appreciate this loyalty and trust, which are the guiding principles of Traum Safe."

A recent New York Post article writes about Traum Safe, "Clients who buy the million-dollar ring at Graff, the luxury watches and Beretta shotguns are the clients for her safes." We know that our move to the ultra-luxury blocks of Madison Avenue will allow us to continue our legacy of providing our discerning clientele with high-security, bespoke, residential safes for their jewelry, watches and other valuables.

We look forward to your visit to our gorgeous new showroom and to discussing your security and organizational needs. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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